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Steve Roden

Having worked with Devin and Laura for several years now, on everything from full wiring projects, parts supplies, and mail order harnesses. Everything is always as promised, never any surprises when doing work with HCR. Devin did a full wiring job on a Pro 275 car for us and without having everything bolted in the car, (Which he won’t do, so don’t ask), and when we got it back to my shop and finished the car everything they did worked flawlessly. Couple years, 2 engine combos, and hundreds of runs later, and the wiring still looks as good as new and gets attention everywhere we go.
Thanks for everything.

Steve Roden

I can’t say enough about Devin. His work ethic and attention to detail is top notch. Once Devin said the car was ready we went over the details and fired the car right up. He just didn’t wire it and say here it is good luck! He took the time to discuss the details and make sure I had an understanding of what and how the system functioned. He now supports our program as we move forward. He is also very fluent with Holley EFI. He is one of only two wiring professionals that I would ever let touch my HOLLEY EFI system.

Phil Hunsucker

Phil Hunsucker
Devin's Engine

TKM has worked with Devin for several years now. I tune / dyno several cars every week. More times than not we run into problems with sensors or parts that are not wired or functioning as they should. This will not be a problem if you are a HCR customer as Devin always test and makes sure everything is working properly before it leaves his shop. This alone will save so many hours and $$$ when you go to the dyno or track. I often think to myself when someone schedules a dyno session that has had HCR wire their car ” this one should go smoothly” as i know everything will work as it should. This allows me to focus on making power instead of fighting a “pin map ” that was never set up correctly. Do yourself a favor and let HCR innovations be a part of your team.

"The" Kevin Mullins - TKM Performance

HCR redid my truck after it got wired once. I cannot say enough about his attention to detail and the amount of knowledge he has with a Holley system. If your in the market to have the best man wire your Holley system. You won’t be disappointed!

Shahrum Dalai

Shahrum Dalai S-10