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Holley EFI Tuning & Setup

At this time, we are only remote tuning cars that we have already wired, or tuned In the past. 

That really depends on what you are hoping to achieve.  When it comes to trackside tuning, there are too many variables to say yes or no to just anyone.  If I have wired your car or have tuned your car previously, then yes.  If I have never seen your car and know nothing about it, the results will be pretty lackluster.

Well see now, that depends.  Did you purchase your EFI system from us? If not then we suggest you contact the company who made a profit off of your sale.  If you purchased your EFI system from Amazon or summit then we suggest you get really familiar with the help files in Holley software.

Race Car Wiring

The first step is for us to get some info on your project, please fill out our Motorsports Wiring Form and we’ll take it from there.

If we updated this faq daily to be able to answer this question at the moment you are reading it, the lead time would be 9 years, because I would have to spend all of my time updating this lol.  But if you are serious about having your car wired, fill out our wiring form and Laura will get back with you asap to let you know our lead time and approximate drop off and pick up dates.

If you are a biological male, and are reading this, you have a better chance of getting pregnant than getting me to come to you to wire your car.  You wouldn’t ask a surgeon to come to your house to fix your heart or brain… anyone wiring cars on site is going to be forced to cut corners, no matter how good they are.  You just can’t be well enough equipped to do this job on the road correctly.

Orders and Shipping

We attempt to ship product within 1 business day after receiving your order and payment. Delivery time will depend on many factors, such as the shipping you  purchased (UPS Ground, Red Label, etc.), weather, etc. We do attempt to get your orders out to you as soon as possible.

You must place an order to create an account on this website. We do not allow open account creation without a purchase due to the high volume of spammers that attempt to make fake accounts.

You can change your saved shipping address by going to My Account page. Choose the “Addresses” menu item to edit your address.

We will email you a tracking number after your order has shipped.

Yes, we change sales tax for local picked up orders (wiring) and products shipped within South Carolina.

We do not ship out of the continental USA without special arrangements and shipping fees. Contact Us for overseas orders and shipments to Alaska & Hawaii.

When possible we will combine products into one box to save you shipping fees.

Returns and Exchanges

Please Contact Us as soon as possible so we can straighten out the error.

Merchandise damaged in transit is the sole responsibility of the carrier. Products shipped from HCR Innovations are inspected prior to shipment and we make all effort to package it securely. All shipments are F.O.B. Pelzer, SC . It is your responsibility to inspect the shipment completely, while the shipping driver is present, and have him/her note any damages. If damages are found after delivery, call the carrier immediately for an inspection. DO NOT return any damaged parts to HCR Innovations. If you do, the carrier may not honor your claim and the loss will become the responsibility of the customer. We can assist with the filing of any damage claims.

If a shortage is found within the shipment, it must be reported to HCR Innovations within five (5) business days of receipt of shipment. Claims should refer to the invoice number, date of invoice, date of shipment, part number and description. We will not be responsible for damages or losses reported after the 5 business day period.

Please Contact Us first before shipping your product back, we’ll need to approve your return based on our policy, and we have an RMA form you’ll need to fill out in order to get credit. 

Contact Us – for general assistance on orders, shipping, etc.

Technical Support – Product and/or Wiring Service Support

Contact us as soon as possible, hopefully before your order has been shipped.

Or go to that address right now, with a tent (and probably some food and water) and pretend you live there when the UPS driver shows up.

If you want to cancel your order after it has been processed but has not been shipped yet, you will incur a 10% cancellation fee, plus applicable credit card / billing processing fees. Exceptions to this policy are solely at the discretion of HCR Innovations and will depend on the situation and how quickly you notify us of the cancellation. No Processed Orders will be 100% refunded.

Our shopping cart will allow you to place an order for back-ordered items. This is the status we use if we believe the product will arrive in the near future. If the product may be out of stock for a while, you have the option on the product page to be notified by email when we get it back in stock.