Fuel Tuning With Holley EFI for Turbo Spool Up

Fuel Tuning with Holley EFI for Turbo Spool Up

Everyone always seems to focus on just timing for spool up, but the reality of that is, it’s only half the story.
Dial in the fuel before worrying about advanced tables…

Custom cam and crank sensor setup in Holley Efi software

Custom Cam & Crank Sensor Setup in Holley EFI Software

We have been getting a bunch of messages and calls about how to set up custom cam and crank stuff lately. A lot of people have been building LS’s and putting Crank Triggers on them and that seems to be the most popular question that we get, so I figured I’d go over some of the different ignition types in Holley software and how to set them up.

How to use the Holley EFI V6 Software Global Comparision Tool

How to use the Comparision Tool in Holley EFI V6

This video goes over how to use the comparison function in Holley EFI. This is a function makes in-between round changes pretty easy and it also makes writing new tune-ups for a new racetrack pretty easy also.

Holley take the wheel with closed loop and learn

Holley Take the Wheel with Closed Loop and Learn

Let’s start on part two of our fuel tuning series of videos. So in our previous video we discussed startup and fuel modifiers and now we’re gonna get into what closed loop and learn is and how to use these tools to your benefit.