AFIS 250 lb/hr Fuel Injectors – 8 Pack AFM12508

$1,504.00 Set of 8


AFIS 250 lb/hr Injectors utilize FRT (Fast Reaction Technology) which produces faster opening/closing times for better atomization and increased power. This is a set of 8 PN AFM12501 Injectors.

  • Stainless Steel construction ensures maximum corrosion protection and is compatible with Methanol, Ethanol, Gas and CNG.
  • One Piece Construction with No Internal O-Rings for OEM Quality
  • Standard body is 1.85″ Long
  • EV1 Connector
  • Low Impedance (Peak & Hold) and offer linear output to 97% of duty cycle
  • Injectors are flow-matched to plus-or-minus 1 percent for accuracy using industry standard 43.5 PSI (3 Bar) for flow data
  • All injectors manufactured in the USA and have a limited lifetime warranty

The major advantage of FRT injectors is their reaction time. Their superiority lies in the introduction of a new electronic solenoid within the injector body that controls the pintel. The diminutive pintel receives its signal from the ECU and by opening and closing faster the FRT injector delivers a crisper, more precise and better atomized charge of fuel.

Note:  Use of these injectors requires an injector driver module like the Holley 554-142. Also, a 16 volt battery is recommended.

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