Blink Marine 15 Button CAN-Bus Keypad with 2 Rubber Dials PKP-3500-SI-MTR

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The Blink Marine PKP-3500-SI-MTR is a compact keypad based on CAN protocol which works with  Hardwire Electronics PDMs. It comes equipped with 13 push buttons and two rubber rotary encoders (dials) which are also push enabled. All of the push buttons and dials have interchangeable 15 mm inserts.

The keypad is water and dust resistant and can be installed both inside and outside the cockpit. RGB LED lights and the ease with which icons can be switched in and out make it possible for the user to customize each key in a wide range of variations.

Thanks to four additional analogue and digital inputs, it is possible to also now connect 5V sensors directly to the CANbus network through the keypad.

  • Preselected Can-Bus Baud Rate and ID for use with Hardwire Electronics line of Power Distribution Modules
  • 13 Push Buttons, and 2 Rotary Dials (also push enabled)
  • Large Selection of Icon Inserts for Motorsports
  • All Buttons have RGB LED lights with up to 3 different states when combined with the Hardwire PDM
  • #10-32 Steel Mounting Studs
  • Amphenol AT04-4P socket
  • Button Choices

    Tell us in the text box below the primary function for each of your buttons, we will select the appropriate icons to match the function. For example, if you tell us Button 1 is a Fan, we will get you a fan icon for it. 

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