Davis EFI-TC2 Self Learning Holley EFI Traction Control

$999.00 Each


Davis Technologies EFI-TC2 is designed to work with Holley EFI systems (Dominator or HP) utilizing multiple timing retard levels, boost reduction, or N2O % reduction (or combinations) to control tire slip. It features dual mode technology able to run in self learning or non-self learning modes as desired.

  • Adjustable Using Holley EFI Software
  • Self-Learning Capable
  • Extremely Fast, Reacts Within 1/8 Of A Turn Of The Driveshaft
  • Lower E.T. / More Consistency
  • Compatible w/ Most Data Systems
  • Compact size- 1.3″ x 1.3″ x 4.5″    (5oz.)

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