Ford Plug n’ Play Holley EFI Harness for Dominator, Terminator X, Terminator X Max & HP ECUs

$1,250.00 Each



Plug n’ Play engine harness for Holley EFI and most Ford based engines: Small Block Ford, Big Block Ford, Coyote w/ Lock Cams (uses passenger side intake cam sensor).

Please choose your Injector Type, Coil Type and Ignition Type.

See Specifications for additional details.

These will be a 45 day pre-order with orders expected to begin shipping by 6/1

NOTE: If you alter, cut or modify  this harness it can not be returned or warrantied.

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    *Coil Type


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    For Coyote based engines.
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HCR Innovations has considered all of the complaints and downfalls of the other harnesses on the market, fixed them and made the best plug and play option out there.

Here are some highlights:

  • Dual can bus plugs (so no need to buy a can bus splitter).
  • Built in dual relay/fuse box.
  • Proper sized power and ground feeds built into the harness for all coils and even those big boy injectors. (Dual 14-gauge feeds for the injector sub harness, 1 12-gauge power and ground feed per bank of coils) so crank up the dwell and buy those big boy m1 injectors without fear.
  • Extended length o2 sensor lead with an early break out for routing independently from rest of engine harness.
  • A single branch point in the harness allows you to route wiring however you want to fit YOUR setup.
  • Gt150 style connector for map sensor (screw in body, pressure transducer style for map sensors).
  • Built to use GM Air Temp, GM IAC, GM Coolant Temp, GM TPS
    – TPS Adapters are available, please contact us directly to order.
  • The whole harness is covered in a solid loom, not split loom.
  • GM to Coyote Coolant Temp Adapter Harness Available for Coyote based engines (+$25.00)
  • All branches are sealed off with adhesive lined heat shrink, not electrical tape.
  • All splices in the harness are done with an ultrasonic welder for the highest quality, lowest profile, most durable way to splice multiple wires together.
  • All labels are printed on black adhesive lined heat shrink and then covered with clear heat shrink (these aren’t falling off).
  • Every single harness is tested on a cirrus hi pot tester, so no more fears of working with mislabeled, mispinned and poorly crimped harnesses.

Designed, tested and manufactured in America by Americans!

Additional information

Injector Type


Coil Type

Stock LS, IGN1A Smart Coils


Dual Sync Distributor, Crank/Cam Sync, Coyote (Single Cam Sensor)



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