Holley EFI Training Class

$400.00 Per Attendee

Holley EFI Tuning & Tech Class hosted by HCR Innovations Devin Vanderhoof

This class will be 100% focused on Holley EFI only, no other systems will be discussed. We will be focused on Drag Racing applications, but if you have some street/strip driveability questions we can cover that stuff as well if there is interest.

The Primary Topics we will cover:

  • Discussion of proper wiring practices such as grounding, current load, planning, and why this is important.
  • Learn how to navigate the Holley EFI software, data logging methodology and how to use it to tune your car.
  • You’ll learn how to create global folders, set up ICF configurations,  from start to finish.
  • Learn how to add inputs & outputs, and how to configure them for many different functions.
  • Understand how timing and fuel changes affect your car’s performance.
  • How to tune with different fuels (E85, Race Gas, Methanol).
  • We’ll cover basic and advanced data acquisition.
  • How to interpret the data you have logged and apply it to improve your racing program.

We’ll also have time for Q & A, so make sure to write down things you may want to ask in advance!

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Holley EFI Training Class #1

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    Dietary Restrictions

    Please note if you're allergic to peanuts, can't handle tomatoes, that sort of thing.

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Class Details

This is a ONE DAY class – we only have 8.5 hours to fit everything in, so, Please do your best to arrive at 8:30 AM for registration, class begins promptly at 9:00 AM.

We’ll break for lunch which will be provided, then resume training until 6:00 PM.

Bring your own laptop, and don’t forget your charger, mouse, etc. You need to have Holley V6 Build 311 loaded up on your laptop, that’s the version of the software training will be based on.

Bring your Global Configuration Files and Data Logs, it’s an excellent reference to look at while we’re going through the training.

Note: Cell service in the Shop is poor, so be prepared to be out of touch during the class, which is not a bad thing. We want you focused on learning as much as you can about Holley EFI, not messing around on your phone.

We will be providing:

  • Notepad, Pen, and a USB Flash Drive with all the data that will be covered.
  • T-Shirt & Laptop Mat
  • Donuts or Bagels and Coffee or Juice during check-in
  • Lunch with drinks (Please note above if you have any special dietary needs like you can’t eat nuts, you hate tomatoes, or whatever.)
  • Drinks & snack will be available during duration of the class

Please Note: 

  1. Absolutely no filming – no exceptions.
  2. Class size will be limited to 10 people to allow for a more focused approach to individual needs.
  3. The shop is kept at 68°, bring a sweatshirt (I’m not sweating because you’re a pussy).
  4. If you are easily offended, this is not the environment for you.
  5. This class is for those who have never used Holley and also for those who have used it for 10 years, if you are willing to learn, you will. Everyone can benefit from this class.
  6. We have the right to refuse service if we think you will be a nuisance, already think you know it all, we will gladly refund your money and you can stay home.
  7. Check-in begins at 8:30 am, class begins promptly at 9 am.



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