RIFE Single Sensor Block Assembly w/-3AN Custom Sensor RIFE-1PC

$199.00 Each


RIFE’s all new modular billet sensor blocks making plumbing your sensors and wiring them much easier! The Single Sensor block has a wide range of sensors available all connecting to one common wiring juncture that connects with a 4 wire Deutsch Sealed Connector.  Each sensor has a molded diaphragm suspended within the sensor housing to protect it from vibration which is the leading cause of failed sensors.

Includes additional Analog input! Side mounted M5 analog input can be used for connecting any 0-5V analog sensor or Temperature sensor. 5V and sensor ground are supplied through connector

  • Vibration isolated sensors
  • Alcohol compatible
  • HCR Stocks -3 AN Input Sensors and can ship quickly
  • Automotive Grade Deutsch DT connectors
  • Sealed to IP69
  • Billet aluminum construction
  • Custom configurations available
  • Snubbers available to reduce damaging pressure spikes*
  • Industry standard 0-5V output, Compatible with all ECU’s/data loggers
  • Reduced wiring clutter
  • Higher accuracy with faster response
  • 4 Wire Connection (4 Signal Wires, 5vdc Power and Sensor Ground)
  • All wetted parts are 316 stainless, Viton or anodized aluminum

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Rife Pressure Block 4 Wire Pinout

Additional information

Sensor #1

60 PSI -3 AN RIFE-52-1014, 100 PSI -3 AN RIFE-52-1017, 150 PSI -3 AN RIFE-52-1004, 200 PSI -3 AN RIFE-52-1024, 300 PSI -3 AN RIFE-52-1005, 500 PSI -3 AN RIFE-52-1028, 1600 PSI -3 AN RIFE-52-1006, 1 BAR -3 AN RIFE-52-1001, 3 BAR -3 AN RIFE-52-1002, 4 BAR -3 AN RIFE-52-1030, 5 BAR -3 AN RIFE-52-1003, 7 BAR -3 AN RIFE-52-1016, 10 BAR -3 AN RIFE-52-1027


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