Rife 52 Series MAP Sensors 1/8 NPT



Rife’s 1/8 NPT (MALE) 52 Series MAP (Manifold Air Pressure) sensors perform in the harshest environments while delivering world-class data & accuracy.

These 1/8 NPT stainless steel screw-in MAP sensors utilize the same state-of-the-art proprietary sensor core used in the RIFE pressure block system, but with a specially designed body for direct screw-in applications. These stainless sensor bodies hold the sensor core on an O-ring to better isolate the sensor from engine and road vibrations to create a more durable and dependable sensor.

All RIFE Sensors are quality checked for functionality, sealing/leaks, and are held to an accuracy of +/- .5% in order to provide the racer with exceptionally clean, accurate data!

  • Standard 3 Wire, 5VDC output compatible with Holley EFI, Haltech, Fueltech, MS3 Pro, Racepak and others
  • 3 Pin Delphi Connector used in popular EFI Harnesses


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    HCR Metri-Pack 150 Connector with Boot

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RIFE PNDescriptionRangeCalibration
52-1BARRife 52 Series Pressure Sensor1 Bar – 14.50 PSI1 Bar Calibration PDF
52-2BARRife 52 Series 1/8 NPT Stainless MAP Sensor2 Bar – 29.00 PSI2 Bar Calibration PDF
52-3BARRife 52 Series 1/8 NPT Stainless MAP Sensor3 Bar – 43.51 PSI3 Bar Calibration PDF
52-4BARRife 52 Series 1/8 NPT Stainless MAP Sensor4 Bar – 58.02 PSI4 Bar Calibration PDF
52-5BARRife 52 Series 1/8 NPT Stainless MAP Sensor5 Bar – 72.52 PSI5 Bar Calibration PDF
52-7BARRife 52 Series 1/8 NPT Stainless MAP Sensor7 Bar – 87 PSI7 Bar Calibration PDF
52-10BARRife 52 Series 1/8 NPT Stainless MAP Sensor10 Bar – 135.3 PSI10 Bar Calibration PDF


Rife 52 Series Sensor Dimensions

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Sensor Range

1 BAR, 2 BAR, 3 BAR, 4 BAR, 5 BAR, 7 BAR, 10 BAR


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